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{{Infobox company
{{Infobox company
| name = RayMay Fujii Corporation
| name = RayMay Fujii Corporation
| logo =  
| logo = [[File:Raymay_logo.gif]]
| type =  
| type =  
| founded  = [[Established::1890]]
| founded  = [[Established::1890]]

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RayMay Fujii Corporation
Raymay logo.gif
Founded: 1890
Founder: Josef Lamy
Headquarters: Kyushu, Japan
Key People:
Products: Writing instruments, notepads
Website: http://www.raymay.co.jp/

RayMay Fujii Corporation was founded in 1890 in Kyushu, Japan. After World War II, the company branched out to Osaka and Tokyo to start its stationery business. RayMay (Rei Mei 黎明 means "daybreak") the name is meant to express the company's vision for a "new spirit in daybreak". RayMay has the license to produce the famed A.G. Spalding branded stationery items. [1]

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