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[[Category:RSVP Stationery Podcast|RSVP Stationery Podcast 019]]

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RSVP Stationery (Podcast)
Episode: 19
Title: I Like a Good Widget
Release Date: January 3, 2018
Hosts: Less Harper

Dee Scolardi

Lenore Hoyt

Guests: Brad Dowdy
Additional Information
Official page: Episode 19
Audio File: Audio Episode 19
Length: 4242 min
0.7 h
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This week we each discuss our top 5 stationery items of 2017.[1]

Show Notes & Links[edit]


  1. Pollux
  2. Hinodewashi
  3. CWPE x Viking Pencil Case
  4. Platinum Preppy Highlighters
  5. Neon Casemates/Pen + Gear


  1. Diamagnetic levitation of pyrolytic graphite
  2. AusPen
  3. DimeNovel
  4. Baron Fig Backpack
  5. CWPE


  1. Pentel Alloy
  2. Kakuno
  3. Baron Fig LE Confidants
  4. Robert Oster
  5. Nataraj and Apsara Pencils from CWPE

References and Notes[edit]