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Manufacturer: Lamy
Type: Fountain Pen



Refill : Cartridge
Made in : Germany


Lamy Petrol is the 2017 Limited Edition Safari color. Available as a Fountain Pen, Rollerball, or a Ballpoint. The Petrol Safari has a matte texture like the Charcoal and the 2016 LE, Dark Lilac Safaris. It features black trim, and the fountain pen is available with a black nib in sizes EF, F, & M.

Lamy Safari Petrol Collection

Gift Set[edit]

Some markets had a Safari Gift Set available. This giftset included the Safari fountain pen, a 50mL bottle of the matching Petrol ink, a box of 5 Petrol ink cartridges, and a Lamy z28 converter.

Lamy Safari Petrol Gift Set


The Lamy Petrol ink is a green/blue ink created to match the Petrol Safari pens. It is available in cartridges (as a 5pk), and in Lamy's 50mL bottle, with blotter paper. This ink sold out immediately after it was released, as Lamy severely under produced this ink. Many sellers had to cancel pre-orders, and ordering was difficult as retailers received a fraction of their orders.

References and Notes[edit]