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{{Infobox company
{{Infobox company
| name = Kaco
| name = Kaco
| logo =  
| logo = [[File:Kaco_logo.jpg|220px]]
| type = Corporation
| type = Corporation
| founded  = [[Established::2014]]
| founded  = [[Established::2014]]

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Kaco logo.jpg
Founded: 2014
Founder: unknown
Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Key People:
Products: stationery, writing instruments, backpacks
Website: www.kaco.cc

Brand Story[edit]

From the company's website:

KACO is that product. A fashionable, high-end stationary brand founded in Shanghai. Established in 2011, recognized as cutting-edge worldwide, the KACO product line is designed with both the office stationary requirement and business gift in mind. A product customization service is available upon request. At KACO, we strive to create an original and fashionable design with the ultimate in product quality. Backing this young and energetic brand, we have the support of a highly professional team, with over a decade of experience in the European high-end stationary industry. We are a Chinese brand with supreme product quality in the world market. Simple, yet fashionable is our design style; environmentally friendly is our design concept. Our global mindset and the best production practices are the core directives that stimulate KACO’s R&D team to achieve technical breakthroughs. By applying the advanced manufacturing concepts and techniques from Germany and Switzerland, we use the refined prototype model of international standards in the production process. Welcome to the age of “creatively made in China”. Ernest and dedicated service, an enviable price/performance ratio are the two fundamental pillars of success behind KACO. Throughout China, our dedication and commitment to the writing instrument are providing more and more business and cosmopolitans users who love to write with fashionable and superior pens. In the future, KACO will be the leader, and trendsetter for fine Chinese designed and manufactured pens.

Design Philosophy[edit]

From the company's website:

SIMPLICITY: Aesthetic beauty is not the only concern we have when developing a design. Achieving simplicity is the challenge to the design team; a measurement to product quality. To KACO, absolute simplicity, style and a reliable quality are the attributes that matter in the end.

EXCELLENCE: Simple, but creative is the worldwide fashion trend at the moment. Our goal is to further that trend, to give the product the simple appearance with an excellent quality.

TIMELESS: We believe that details and quality of the products speak for the concept of simplicity. And at KACO all of our efforts are dedicated to provide the end, our customers, with a rewarding and timeless writing experience.

Product Range[edit]

Products range from disposable pens, mid-range steel nib fountain pens, Japanese minimalism inspired thermoses, portfolios, briefcases, and notebooks.

Advertising Strategy[edit]

The company relies heavily on Instagram with market specific Instagram accounts.

Notes and references[edit]