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Dot Grid (Podcast)
Episode: 20
Title: BombCyclone.men
Release Date: January 24, 2018
Hosts: Will Fanguy

Andy Welfle

Guests: No guests this episode
Additional Information
Official page: http://dotgrid.xyz/20
Audio File: https://audio.simplecast.com/1b9bc82d.mp3
Length: 8585 min
1.417 h
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2017 is finally over, and Will and Andy are talking about new year resolutions for 2018. Specifically, the mechanics of them: how do you set resolutions? How do you keep track of them? How well do you keep them? That, plus lots of chatting about paperback books and “portable word processors” from the early 2000s. Plus, why is there a “.men” TLD but not a “.women”?[1]

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References & Notes[edit]

  1. Description taken from the official Dot Grid podcast page http://dotgrid.xyz/20