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Some auto-advance pencils. Left to right: two different models of Faber-Castell Grip Matic, a Faber-Castell Poly Matic, a BIC AI, and two Maped Automatic (0.5mm and 0.7mm)

Auto-advance or auto-feed mechanical pencils don't need any action to advance the lead because of their particular mechanism: a spring-loaded sliding sleeve (usually a plastic cone) pushes out more lead every time it is pressed and released from the paper. In order to work, it is required to write with a very little amount of lead coming outside the tip, and practically to drag the lead sleeve on the paper. Most of the time these pencils are also provided with a push button mechanism, and can be used in the classical way.

Examples of auto-advance pencils that are not provided with a push button mechanism. Top to bottom: a Paper Mate Advancer, a Fila Temagraph Automatic, and a M&G Comrade

Auto-advance pencil models[edit]

Brand Model name Additional Features / information
Ohto Auto Sharp
Ohto Horizon Double-knock mechanism with side button to retract the tip; metal body
Ohto No-Noc metal body
Ohto Radial Spring loaded clip; metal body; radial tyre shaped rubber grip
Faber-Castell Grip Matic
Faber-Castell DS Matic
Faber-Castell Poly Matic Twist-extendable eraser
Faber-Castell TK Matic [1]
Faber-Castell Alpha Matic [1]
Maped Automatic
BIC AI Shaker mechanism with lead lock when the lead sleeve is retracted
Pilot Automac Double-knock mechanism; metal body
Pentel Orenznero Orenz system to prevent lead breakage; also available in super-thin 0.2mm lead size (as for the Orenz family)
Porsche Design Porsche Design automatic [1] Made by Faber-Castell
Zebra Frisha Shaker mechanism
Paper Mate Auto Advance
Paper Mate Advancer Auto-advancement only; disposable pencil (not refillable)
Fila Temagraph Automatic Auto-advancement only
M&G Comrade Auto-advancement only; side button to retract the lead
Dixon Ticonderoga Sensematic+ Auto-advancement only
Magic House Autolead Pencil Auto-advancement only
Eberhard Faber EFAmatic Auto-advancement only

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