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This Stationery Wiki is a wiki that aims to provide detailed descriptions on anything and everything to do with The Pen Addict podcast and stationery in general. It has exactly 1,178 articles only about the podcast episodes and stationery.

Basic Info[edit]


If you have any questions about this wiki, then put a question or comment on the talk pages of one of the users here.

Editing and More[edit]

If you want to make a page better then simply click the [Edit] button and start writing. If you want to help, but are not sure how to start please consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Using images other than your own[edit]

Some companies have granted us permission to use their images. An overview can be found at Stationery Wiki:Image use permissions.

User Page and Discussion[edit]

You can add discussions to any page by pressing the 'Discussion' button. You can write questions or comments about the page, and on a user discussion, questions and comments about the user's articles.


Referencing is quite important. It ensure accuracy and helps in case there is doubt about a fact. There are different templates that help you to site sources, e.g. Template:Cite web.


There are two main kinds of category:

  • Topic categories are named after a topic (usually sharing a name with the article on that topic). For example, Category:Handwriting contains articles relating to the topic Handwriting.
  • Set categories are named after a class (usually in the plural). For example, Category:Podcasts contains articles whose subjects are Podcasts.

Help Pages[edit]

You can find a list of our help pages on our Help pages category page.


Semantic Wiki[edit]

Stationery Wiki has the Semantic Wiki extension installed. More information can be found on the Stationery Wiki Semantic Wiki page.

Here is a list of Special Pages than can be used to find out more about the properties used in this wiki

  • Special:Properties lists properties that appear in annotations in alphabetical order and indicate the frequency of their usage.
  • Special:UnusedProperties lists property pages that are not in any annotations. This may indicate that a property was abandonded and should be deleted.
  • Special:WantedProperties lists properties that are used but do not have a descriptive page. This is not desirable, since users then cannot find any documentation on such properties, so that confusion may arise regarding their proper use.
  • Special:Concepts lists the concepts ("dynamic categories") created on the wiki.
  • Special:Types lists the available datatypes for properties.

Help Pages[edit]

An overview of existing help pages can be [found here].