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Manufacturer: Lamy
Type: Fountain Pen, Ballpoint Pen, Rollerball, Mechanical Pencil
Refill :
Made in : Germany

The Safari is a noted design by Wolfgang Fabian[1][2] and Bernt Spiegel of the Entwicklungsgruppe Mannheim[3] which remains in production from 1980. The Safari and the derived AL-star and Vista lines are intended for students/young writers and feature a non round grip section optimized to be held with a 'tripod pen grip'. The Safari receives a new limited edition color every year, usually with a matching bottle of ink.

Lamy Vista, Lamy Safari and Lamy AL-star

Different Generations of the Lamy Safari[edit]

First generation[edit]

Launched in 1980 these were available in textured finish with 3 color options - Terracotta orange, Savannah green and Charcoal black. The easiest way to identify the pen is by the lack of imprint in the bottom of the barrel. Another minor detail that is different from future generations is the cap nut is hexagonal. You can see the flats on it if you shine a light into the cap. The pen was designed for cartridges or the old-style metal squeeze bar converter so there are only two wide slots at the threaded end of the section. The old-style converters were probably included with the pen in some markets and sold separately in others. [4]

Second generation[edit]

These appeared sometime in the mid 80's. The "W. Germany" imprint was added to the bottom of the barrel. The inner cap was redesigned (the early material deteriorated quite easily) and the cap nut was changed to a round shape. Other colors were added, including white, red, yellow and blue. Most of these colors were only offered with a smooth texture. The charcoal was still textured and the white was made in both textured and smooth. I have heard rumors of a smooth charcoal but never actually seen one. The Terracotta and Savannah were discontinued.[4]

Third generation[edit]

These came around 1990 or 1991. There were two changes on this pen: the barrel imprint was changed to "Germany," thanks to reunification, and extra slots were added to the section to accept the snaps on the plastic piston converter. Colors were basically the same as the previous generation but the textured white disappeared and the first demonstrator was added. The demonstrator might be considered the first "LE" Safari. Around the mid-90's they were sold in some markets but I don't know if they ever appeared as a regular catalog item. [4]

Fourth generation[edit]

This change came in the mid to late 90's and was a big one. The clip, nib and feed remained the same but all other parts were redesigned. The Lamy logo and nib size were added to the nib via laser-etching. The barrel was changed from one part to two. The cap and cap ring were combined into one part. The cap asembly was redesigned to snap together, eliminating the machined top screw and cap nut. I believe this redesign was done as a cost-saving measure. The price of these pens has changed very little in nearly 30 years and this redesign allowed Lamy to lower the manufacturing cost. Total number of parts went from 14 down to 11 and they eliminated two costly machined parts. All done without really altering the appearance or quality of the pen - not bad. The original white pen disappeared, a textured grey was introduced and followed by many LE colors. The demonstrator exists in this generation too but it went away when the Vista was introduced.[4] This generation of pen is designed to work alongside the Z28 converter. [5]

Special Editions[edit]

2004 Orange (Flame)[edit]

Orange body and red clip.

2006 Sky Blue[edit]

Light blue body and red clip.

2007 Black[edit]

Black body with chrome clip and silver nib.

2007 White[edit]

White body with grey ring, chrome clip and silver nib.

2007/2008 Blue (Sweden Edition)[edit]

Blue body with yellow clip.

2008 Lime Green (Black Cross)[edit]

Lime green body with black cross on the cap.

2009 Orange[edit]

Orange body and chrome clip.

2009 Pink (Pink Dot)[edit]

Pink body with chrome clip and silver nib. Pink dot on the cap.

2010 White (Japan only)[edit]

White body with red clip and red dot on the cap.

???? White Body, Red Clip (East Asia only)[edit]

White body with red clip and grey cross on the cap. Only available in some Lamy stores in Korea, Japan, Taiwan.

2010 30 Years Lamy Safari (Japan only)[edit]

White body with red clip. Limited to 1000.

2011 Pink (Pink Cross)[edit]

Pink body and chrome clip. Pink cross on the cap.

2011 Aquamarine[edit]

Light blue body with chrome clip and silver nib.

2011 Lime Green (Lime Cross)[edit]

Lime green body with lime cross on the cap.

2011 150 Jahre Freundschaft[edit]

Black body with yellow clip and red dot on the cap. To commemorate 150 years of friendship between Germany and Japan.

2012 Apple Green[edit]

Apple green body with chrome clip, silver nib, and matching green cross on the cap.

2012 Red (China Edition)[edit]

Red body with yellow clip and yellow cross on cap.[6]

2012 Eslite[edit]

For the Taiwanese book store Eslite. There are three version. Matte black, red and yellow. All with red clip.

2013 Neon Yellow[edit]

Neon yellow body with chrome clip and silver nib.

2014 Neon Coral[edit]

Neon pink body with chrome clip and silver nib. Available as a fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint pen.

2015 Neon Lime[edit]

Neon yellow body and chrome clip and silver nib.

2015 Line Friends[edit]

2015 Line Friends

Matte brown body with black clip and various Line Friends clip-ons. [7]

2016 Dark Lilac[edit]

Dark lilac body with black clip and black nib.

2017 Petrol[edit]

Matte petrol (buel/green/grey) body with black clip. [8]

2017 Lamy x Laimo[edit]

Cooperation with Japanese artist Laimo. There are two versions: Black with white Laimo writing on cap and White with black Laimo writing on cap.

2017 Pirates of the Caribbean[edit]

Like the Petrol edition, but comes with a skull on the clip, a pen roll and a box. [8]

2018 All Black[edit]

Comes with an all matte black body, black clip and black nib.

2018 Lamy x Line Friends Umbra[edit]

A Lamy Safari in black (matte type) with the Line character’s name BROWN embossed in the cap. Comes packaged in an aluminium tube.[9]

2018 Minions[edit]

A yellow Lamy Safari in a Minion themed tin. Comes with converter, one ink cartridge and four different clip click-ons.

2018 Pokémon Pikachu[edit]

A yellow Lamy Safari with a red clip and Pikachu's tail printed on the cap. Comes with two Pikachu clip-ons, a Poké Ball pen holder, a Poké Ball inspired box and a yellow pencil case.

2019 Lamy Pastel Colors[edit]

A series of three pens in pastel colors: light blue, mint and rose. Clips and ring are matching the bodies.

2019 Independence Day (USA only)[edit]

Blue barrel, black ring, white cap, red clip.

2020 Vista katakana (Japan only)[edit]

A Vista with the name Lamy written in katakana on one of the flat panels of the pen body. On teh other panel, Lamy is written alphabet. Sold at one particular chain shop in Japan.

2020 Lamy Pastel Colors[edit]

A series of three pens in pastel colors: Mango, Violet and Aquamarine. Clips and ring are matching the bodies.

Notes and references[edit]

References and Notes[edit]